Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We’re now stopping deportations for feel-good stories

This week, liberals came across another one of those poster boy, feel-good, illegal immigration stories which draw them like catnip. This one has all the elements of a Hallmark Moments movie of the week script. Pablo Villavicencio Calderon, a pizza delivery guy in New York City, was making his rounds last week, bringing a pie from the restaurant where he works in Queens to the Fort Hamilton army base in Brooklyn. But upon his arrival, a guard noticed that something about his identification card looked wrong. Calderon was detained and it was soon established that he was in the country illegally. ICE was notified and he was promptly taken into custody and scheduled for deportation.
There were more elements which made this the perfect story for the media. Calderon has a wife and children who are citizens. One of the kids has medical issues stemming from a congenital heart defect. And he’s one of those rare illegal aliens who allegedly has no other criminal record aside from immigration law violations. The cries for humanitarian relief quickly went out, and in a matter of days they found a judge in New York who was willing to issue an injunction halting the deportation
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