Sunday, June 17, 2018

Thousands Of American Children Are Separated From Parents Put In Prison Every Year

The plight of children who accompany their parents crossing the border into the United States illegally has captured the attention of the press this week. Politicians and media types have loudly decried the longtime practice of sending children into foster care or other temporary housing situations, while their parents are detained until the U.S. government can determine their fate.
Next week, Congress is set to vote on a Republican immigration bill with a provision that would reportedly end this practice. But this policy change would likely result in the children being sent to adult detention centers with their parents — a fate that is arguably worse than being sent elsewhere.
From Vox:
If the House bill passed, the Trump administration probably would stop separating families. Instead, it would be able to keep children and parents in ICE detention until their cases were resolved — that is, they could be in held in detention indefinitely.
Read the rest from Bre Payton HERE at The Federalist.

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