Monday, June 11, 2018

The four-letter word that will save Trump’s budget and border agenda

Tero Vesalainen
The president must confront a grim reality. The majority of Congress will never support his historic budget proposal. Congress will never support his campaign agenda on crime, drug trafficking, immigration, or the border, either. He is unlikely ever to get 60 Republicans in the Senate, much less 60 conservatives, even in a potential second term of office. So how will he manage to check these campaign promises off his list?
The answer lies with one word: Veto. He must learn to love it and use it, especially for budget bills or other legislation that the political establishment deems as “must pass.”
As we noted during the omnibus fight, the president has yet to veto a single bill or even seriously threaten it. All of his deterrent power lies in harnessing the veto threat early and often while using the bully pulpit every day to shame Congress on spending and the border/sanctuary mayhem until they pass a budget codifying a significant number of his priorities.
In order to achieve this goal, Trump must negotiate with Congress the same way he is negotiating with the North Korean leader. As Rudy Giuliani said, Kim Jong Un begged for a summit “on his hands and knees.” Trump needs to stop begging Congress to pass his bills, thereby forcing him to agree to amnesty in return. He needs to play his cards and make Congress beg for his signature. He could begin this strategy now by laying out ironclad and specific demands for the budget, threatening a veto every day from now through the summer, using the bully pulpit to shame Congress on the underlying issues, and be willing to pull the veto trigger. This is the only way to drain the swamp.
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