Thursday, June 14, 2018

SAY IT AIN'T SO: (Paul Ryan) President Trump Supports My Immigration Plan

Win McNamee/Getty Images
House Speaker Paul Ryan and his aides are claiming that President Donald Trump supports his plan to hold two amnesty votes next week.
However, Trump has not yet endorsed Ryan’s incomplete amnesty bill, say many media outlets.
Ryan’s bill would implement only part of Trump’s ‘four pillars’ immigration reform, would quickly paralyze enforcement of immigration law against illegals, and would also sharply increase the annual inflow of foreign college-graduates for professional jobs sought by Americans, according to details leaked to Breitbart News.
The Ryan bill — in combination with a promised extra guest-worker bill for agriculture companies — would actually increase immigration levels and intensify competition for white-collar and blue-collar jobs in the United States, according to details leaked to Breitbart News.
That rush of new foreign workers is backed by GOP donors, but also by NeverTrump activists because it will suppress the popular wage-gains that are now helping Trump’s chance for a populist electoral win in 2018 and 2020.
In contrast, Trump’s ‘Four Pillars’ reform would reduce long-term chain-migration immigration, so nudging up white-collar salaries and blue-collar wages, and also boosting investment in labor-saving jobs.
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