Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ryan Amnesty Follows Gang of 8 Playbook -- Amnesty First, Enforcement Maybe Later

The draft text for House Speaker Paul Ryan's "compromise" bill is out, and it's as bad as we feared. Speaker Ryan's amnesty plan follows the same playbook that the Gang of 8 followed, granting an immediate and permanent amnesty to at least 1.8 million illegal aliens with only promises of future enforcement.
There is some hope that the Ryan Amnesty won't pass when it comes to the House floor next week; Pres. Trump said that he opposed the bill during a live interview with Fox & Friends this morning.
As for the proposal itself, the list of flaws is lengthy.
> It doesn't permanently reduce legal immigration for at least 30 years.
> It doesn't include an E-Verify mandate.
> It leaves most chain migration intact, allowing parents of DACA recipients to receive green cards once DACA recipients become citizens.
> It fails to withhold funding from sanctuary jurisdictions.
> It appropriates $25 billion for border security, but if the money is rescinded by a future Congress, illegal aliens keep their amnesty.
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