Friday, June 29, 2018

Rep. Steve King: The Supreme Court Just Laid the Foundation for the Border Wall

In one ruling, the Supreme Court has delivered two major victories to President Trump. The first victory is obvious: Trump v. Hawaii validates the President’s broad authority to restrict entry of specified foreign nationals into the United States when the President finds such entry is “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”
What does this mean? It means, as I have argued, that President Trump’s “travel ban” limiting immigration from Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Chad, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen is constitutional. It means that President Trump does have the authority, despite the open-borders howls of liberals and illegal alien activists, to secure our citizens against threats posed by foreign nationals from dysfunctional states. It is a good ruling, and one that will help President Trump keep this nation safe, secure, and protected.
But Trump v. Hawaii is a decision with a less obvious meaning too. The Supreme Court has just laid the foundation for the Border Wall that the President and I want to build along the US-Mexico border. Trump v. Hawaii, in fact, provides a roadmap to “Build The Wall!”
At issue before the Supreme Court was the scope of 8 USC 1182 (f), a federal law which delegates broad authority over immigration policy to the President. Here is the text of that statute: --->
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