Sunday, June 24, 2018

President Trump’s Immigration Policies Are Actually Pretty Popular

Media coverage of the Trump administration’s policy of arresting people who illegally cross the border has been almost uniformly negative. Some has been downright hysterical. A new Economist/YouGov poll shows, however, that the vast majority of Americans polled support either President Trump’s executive order, the initial enforcement of the law that resulted in family separation, or something even stricter.
A CNN contributor said Trump’s border enforcement policies were akin to the Holocaust. A Washington Post writer said they were more like slavery. An MSNBC contributor said border enforcement was racist. A CNBC contributor said the same. Outrage blanketed the airwaves. Few explained why they didn’t care much or at all about child detention centers during the Obama administration.
One Daily Beast editor blamed Trump for abuses at child detention centers during the Obama administration. Time magazine’s cover features a sobbing toddler whose picture went viral in the media this week with a photoshopped President Trump towering above her. The photographer who took the photo said he could barely breathe as the girl’s mother was detained. Time explained it chose the cover “Due to the power of the image, which appeared as critics from across the political spectrum attacked President Trump’s now-reversed policy of separating children from parents who are being detained for illegally entering the United States.”
It turned out that media apparently got the story of the sobbing toddler all sorts of wrong. And while newsrooms are in lockstep agreement that they oppose strong border enforcement, that view is not popular among the rest of the country.
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