Friday, June 8, 2018

Politically Correct Child Molestation

My friend John Stonestreet is the President of the Colson Center. On the way back from the annual Wilberforce Forum in Washington, D.C., TSA agents notified him that his 13-year old daughter was randomly selected for a waist to thigh pat down. John usually flies without his daughters. And he flies by himself enough to know that being selected for a “waist to thigh pat down” means a government agent is about to touch your genitals. When informed of the random selection of his daughter, John let TSA agents know there was no way he was allowing them to do that to her. Thankfully, in clear contravention of the policy, a sympathetic agent let John take his daughter’s place.
Although disaster was averted in this case, it is time for a frank discussion of what nearly happened in that D.C. airport. If that scene seems even remotely acceptable to you then please consider the following thought experiment:
Your thirteen-year old daughter attends a public school. On her way into the school she passes through a metal detector and it goes off. Public school officials seek to perform a waist to thigh pat down during which they will touch her genitals to see whether she is hiding a knife or a gun in her underwear. Would you tolerate it?
I suspect that most of my readers immediately grasp the point. Few of us would be comfortable with adult government officials groping around the genitalia of our teenaged children even in the presence of probable cause. So the real question is why we tolerate TSA doing it to children in the absence of probable cause.
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