Thursday, June 28, 2018

Illegal Migrants Exploit U.S. Weaknesses

To everyone who loves this country: Don’t get played by the haters spinning lies about the border “crisis.” Legitimate seekers of asylum go to one of the 48 legal ports of entry bordering Mexico — from California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. That’s one every 41.43 miles. If someone can make a 1,500-mile-plus trek to the U.S. border, they can certainly hit one of these numerous locations. Ask yourself why they do not.
Criminals don’t seek the legitimate entry points because they know they have no legal way to enter the U.S. They trample our borders in between with the help of coyotes, using children — often not their own — as pawns to do it. America and its border officers are helping children in many, many cases by rescuing them from the treacherous hands of these adults.
There are a lot of lies being spun by craven pols and pundits who are insulated from the consequences that come from broken borders and the assault on law and order that inevitably results. I’ll get to a few.
First, some facts. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, there were 408,870 apprehensions at the southwest border in fiscal year 2017. That’s close to the number apprehended in fiscal year 2013. However, the crossings of individuals went down while the number of family units went up by a staggering 520 percent in the space of those four years.
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