Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Granting DACA Recipients Amnesty Would Undermine The Rule Of Law

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If I were a citizen of Mexico, living in Guadalajara, and decided I wanted to emigrate to the United States, I would have to apply for the legal documents to enter the U.S. while I remained in Mexico. It would require a significant period of time and a thorough process before I could legally enter.
After entering America legally, I could apply for citizenship and wait the decade or so before it is my turn. I would not be given special treatment outside the regular, legal path.
If lawmakers wanted to provide a special pathway to citizenship, they would allow people who are in the country illegally to obtain legal status and begin the process to citizenship while they reside illegally in America. Lawmakers would not require them to return to their native country to apply. They would allow illegal aliens to move in front of everyone else who is waiting to enter the United States in a nonspecial way.
Lawmakers would make them special in every way. They would disregard the irony of giving illegal aliens special status because their parents committed an illegal act. Lawmakers would treat them so special, that their illegal status would be irrelevant to their pathway to citizenship – and, in fact, would even be unique among how all other illegal aliens are treated, ahead of several classes of legal aliens.
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