Saturday, June 30, 2018

Do border states have the power to repel illegal entry?

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During an era of ever-evolving and newly discovered rights, we forget that sovereignty, both federal and state, is an absolute right that is being ignored in the immigration debate. We have the right, both as residents of states, particularly at the border, and as citizens of this federal republic, to be governed by our consent and to admit people to this country only through the consent of our laws. We’ve already explained that it is a founding principle that a president has the power and the responsibility to repel a large-scale incursion into our country. A state has a similar responsibility when it is experiencing an invasion and the federal government refuses to act.
The entire purpose of a federal government
What if our own federal government is impotent in protecting our border states from violent drug cartels and the crime, social ills, and public cost drain of mass migration from across the border, while the federal courts are downright preventing the states from protecting themselves?
The Constitution is clear as to the responsibilities of the federal government and why we have one in the first place. The federal government exists not to impose more regulations on the people, but to protect their rights and security where states are inherently incapable of doing so effectively — namely, in repelling an invasion. Ironically, it is the one act of war a president can pursue without the consent of Congress, yet the invasion at our border is the only one we refuse to address.
Article IV, §4 of the Constitution tasks the federal government with guaranteeing states’ protection against invasion. That is because, in the words of Madison (Federalist #45), the “few and defined” powers of the federal government were to be applied “principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce.” State governments, on the other hand, deal with “the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”
This is war --->
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