Wednesday, June 13, 2018

DHS/DOJ report: Thousands of avoidable crimes committed by foreign nationals in Texas alone

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The number of crimes committed by foreign nationals in this country should be near zero. Why? Our allowance of immigration is a choice, and we should only be admitting the best of the best. To the extent we make a mistake with legal immigration or to the extent that there are illegal aliens, they should be immediately deported.
Yet thanks to our weak policies, a new report from the DHS and the DOJ paints a picture of crime and mayhem by foreign nationals. They are bringing drugs into this country and needlessly clogging up our federal criminal justice and prison system. A proper focus on expedited deportation and ending sanctuary cities would go a long way toward reducing crime, making illicit drugs less obtainable and more expensive, and saving money in our criminal justice system, a goal that is obsessively pursued by interest groups in both parties.
According to the report, there are a whopping 57,820 foreign nationals in DOJ custody. This includes 38,132 known or suspected aliens sitting in Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities post-conviction and 19,688 confirmed aliens in the custody of the U.S. Marshal Service (USMS), mainly pretrial detainees but also those already sentenced to short sentences or awaiting transfer to BOP custody. That alone accounts for 37 percent of those in the custody of USMS. There are several thousand more suspected but unconfirmed non-citizens in custody. These are all people in the regular federal criminal justice system, not in the immigration system under the auspices of ICE. The report is prepared every quarter at the direction of President Trump’s original executive order on immigration calling for an accounting of criminal aliens in the criminal justice system.
Here’s the kicker: 46 percent (17,621) of known or suspected aliens in BOP custody had committed drug trafficking or other drug-related offenses.
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