Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Angela Merkel Scrambling to Avoid EU Meltdown

Could she be on the way out? As if German Chancellor Angela Merkel didn’t already have enough trouble on her hands, the situation both in her own country and around the European Union is coming to a boil right now. We already learned that Merkel’s own signature initiatives on migrant policy were being opposed by “the Axis of the Willing,” led by Germany’s Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The stalemate came to a head this week when Italy defied EU policy and Merkel’s preferences by turning away a ship with more than 600 refugees on it. (They’ve now arrived in Spain.)
Now, as Reuters reports, the EU may be on a path to truly rupture some old alliances. There’s a conference of EU leaders coming up in less than two weeks and at this point, some of them aren’t even sure they’re going to bother attending. Merkel is scrambling to set up a meeting with her opponents to discuss some sort of compromise, but there’s no assurance thus far that they’re interested in talking either.
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