Friday, June 1, 2018

AMNESTY WATCH: Kevin McCarthy, GOP ‘Very Close’ to Immigration Deal

The GOP is close to drafting an immigration bill that “deals with the DACA situation,” GOP Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy told Fox News.
Interviewer Brian Kilmeade declined to press McCarthy on the controversial issue, even though cheap-labor immigration split the GOP in 2016 and elected Donald Trump to the White House. McCarthy said May 30:
We have been in the room, working together, conservatives, moderates, and others to be able to put an immigration plan together that protects our borders, secures our borders, ends catch-and-release, and deals with the DACA situation. I think we are very close to having an agreement that I think could go on to the floor, have the Republicans — and put the Democrats in a place to see if they are really serious about getting immigration reform.
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