Saturday, June 16, 2018

AMNESTY WATCH: GOP’s DACA feud lands in Trump’s lap

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House Republican leaders are counting on the president to convince conservatives to back immigration legislation.
House Republicans are looking to President Donald Trump to help them pass a GOP solution for Dreamers. But even if he weighs in, it’s unclear that the bill will make it across the finish line.
Conservatives have not committed to voting for the framework GOP leaders crafted after weeks of negotiation with moderate Republicans and the far right. The final details of the bill are still being worked out, and conservatives in the past few days have sought to secure additional enforcement boosts in the legislation — provisions that worry moderates and GOP leaders.
Still, Speaker Paul Ryan told his conference during a closed-door meeting Wednesday morning that Trump was “excited” about the prospects of passage. White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, an immigration hard-liner, came to the Hill on Wednesday afternoon and encouraged the 160 conservatives in the Republican Study Committee to support the bill.
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“We’ve been working hand in glove with the administration on this to make sure that we’re bringing a bill that represents the president’s ‘four pillars’ so that we can come together, have the votes that everyone is looking for but more importantly, this represents a consensus between our members so that we can move forward on the immigration issue,” Ryan told reporters Wednesday. “It’s a product of good compromise.”
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