Friday, June 15, 2018

All the ways President Trump is cutting legal immigration ... ISN'T IT GREAT?

During a 2016 campaign stop in Illinois, then-candidate Donald Trump invited to the stage a man wearing a shirt that read: "Legal Immigrant For Trump."
Asked to say a few words to the crowd, the man chastised the media for missing a fundamental aspect of Trump's candidacy: that he was opposed to illegal immigration, not legal immigration. Trump repeatedly patted the man on the back and told him, "I totally support it."
"People are going to come into our country," Trump said. "We want people to come in. But they've got to come in, like you, legally. My man."
Despite his campaign rhetoric, President Trump has acted very differently since moving into the White House. His administration has granted fewer visas, approved fewer refugees, ordered the removal of hundreds of thousands of legal residents whose home countries have been hit by war and natural disasters and pushed Congress to pass laws to dramatically cut the entire legal immigration system.
The White House has argued the moves are necessary to protect national security and American workers.
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