Saturday, June 16, 2018

5 Reasons Trump Will Win 40 States in 2020

Delusional progressives are powerless to stop it. Ineffective never-trump laughingstock are dwindling into oblivion.
After every curve-ball has been thrown at him from every conceivable direction, Donald Trump will win 40 states, and do so in a most extraordinary way.
He will have made Americans believe in American greatness once again!
He already is.
In 2006 a full two years prior to his election I was the first to predict that Barack Obama would be elected President.
No one believed me, but I based it on five instinctive realities I could see forming. I indicated if as few of three of the five occurred he’d likely be elected. Four of the five came true.
Here’s why I feel similarly as to President Trump’s re-election. --->
Read the rest from Kevin McCullough HERE.

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