Friday, May 18, 2018

Why Does A Pedophilia Advocate Have Political Asylum Protection In The U.S.?

The U.S. Government granted political asylum to a Singaporean teenager calling himself “The Asian Pedophile”. Why???
Meet Amos Yee, a.k.a. “The Asian Pedophile”. (That’s his own nickname for himself, not mine. I did NOT come up with that moniker.)
He’s a wanna-be social media celebrity, a “refuge” in America from Singapore (one of the wealthiest democracies per capita on Earth), and most importantly, a pedophilia advocate using asylum status in the United States of America to publicly champion child rape. Yes, while Christians and other minorities are being murdered throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for their faith or race or simply breathing and have no hope of U.S. asylum, this teenager from one of the most advanced countries on Earth was granted asylum here to protect his… free speech? And now he’s using his asylum status to encourage sexual relations between adults and children - including kids younger than 12 years old! Oh, and he also wants child pornography legalized too.
This guy thinks himself a social media celebrity and influencer of the world. His Facebook account is tagged with the descriptor:
“I make videos and blog posts that I hope can change the world for the better.”
So how does he envision making the world a better place? Let’s take a look.
According to International Business Times,
Read the rest from Nick Kammer HERE.

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