Monday, May 7, 2018

Why are attempted border crossings spiking again?

While the unemployment rate news may have been good, there are some other figures out there which aren’t looking quite so rosy. After hitting dramatically lower levels last spring, attempted efforts at border jumping by illegal aliens have surged significantly over the past couple of months. Customs officials are reporting that border apprehensions are as much as three times higher than they were during the same period last year. There’s clearly a mystery lurking in this story which we’ll need to figure out. (Free Beacon)
Apprehensions and attempted entry by inadmissible persons at America’s southwestern border rose slightly in April of 2018, but was more than three times higher than the same month in 2017, new data from the Customs and Border Protection Agency show.
More than 50,000 individuals tried to cross the southwestern border in April, the second month in a row that that many people have attempted the crossing. Some 12,000 individuals attempted to cross but were found inadmissible, bringing the FY 2018 total to 63,000. And 38,000 were apprehended attempting to cross between ports of entry, bringing the FY 2018 total to more than 200,000.
Among the group apprehended, there were some 4,000 unaccompanied minors, and just under 10,000 family units. Both unaccompanied minors and family units are, as a matter of policy, only detained briefly before being released into the interior pending further deportation proceedings.
That’s a massive increase in a single year. --->
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