Thursday, May 17, 2018

The DACA agenda is fueling MS-13, drug cartels, and Hezbollah

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We don’t need a DACA “solution.” DACA is the problem.
In Washington, there is a clamor from Democrats and liberal Republicans to enact a “DACA solution.” In the real world, DACA is the problem. It is what incentivized the entire atmosphere at the border to bring in hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, record amounts of lethal drugs, dangerous gangs and new youth recruits, and now Middle Easterners.
MS-13 and the drug cartels bring in Central American youths
As we’ve explained before, it’s no mystery why both the drug and gang crises took off after the 2013-2015 surge of teenage boys coming over the border. The boys served as drug mules and new gang recruits, empowering the drug cartels and the gangs with a politically protected supply of new recruits. The cartels understand that our political culture sympathizes with “children” and will treat them leniently. Sadly, there is no sympathy for the communities in northern Virginian that are devastated by the gang recruitment.
Fox’s D.C. affiliate reported this week on the growing gang problem in D.C.’s southern suburbs. According to Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force Executive Director Jay Lanham, 80 percent of the gang recruits are from high schools and middle schools. Why? “MS-13 often target young recruits because if they are convicted, they often face light jail sentences due to their age.”
Northern Virginia has become a hot spot of MS-13 activity. Just this week, Prince William County authorities arrested four gang members suspected of burning a man to death in a car.
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