Sunday, May 27, 2018

House Amnesty, Immigration Compromise Deal Promised for June 7

Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty
Two more GOP legislators signed the amnesty discharge-petition on Thursday, while GOP legislators promised to develop a compromise immigration package by June 7.
June 7 is an important deadline because that is the last day for the authors of the discharge-petition to get their planned amnesty debate on the House calendar for a June 25 debate. If they missed the June 7 deadline, the next day open for the amnesty debate is July 23, just before the August recess.
New York’s Reps. Tom Reed and Pennsylvania’s Brian Fitzpatrick are the 22nd and 23rd signers of the petition, alongside leaders Jeff Denham California and Florida’s Carlos Curbelo. The group claims it has the 25 signatures to force the debate but is waiting to see what they can get from GOP negotiators.
The Hill reported: --->
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