Friday, May 4, 2018

GOP Midterm Slogan: ‘We Need Guest Workers To Do Your Jobs!’

At a rally in Michigan last weekend, President Trump promised to bring in lots of guest workers to — I quote — “do your jobs.”
Once, long ago, Trump was against replacing American workers with cheap foreign labor.
Back when Trump was invincible, he sounded more like this:
Breitbart News: “Hundreds of workers at Disney were forced to train their foreign replacements. … [Rubio’s new bill] has zero protections for American workers. … Rubio’s bill is even endorsed by the CEO of Disney. What do you think of Rubio’s bill?”
Trump: “It’s a disaster. It would allow any company in America to replace any worker with cheaper foreign labor. It legalizes job theft. It gives companies the legal right to pass over Americans, displace Americans, or directly replace Americans for good-paying middle-class jobs. …
“I am calling TODAY on Disney to hire back every one of the workers they replaced, and I am calling on Rubio to immediately rescind his sponsorship of the I-Squared bill and apologize to every Floridian for endorsing it.”
To paraphrase Ray Donovan, where do I go to get my Trump back?
Now that he’s president and could actually implement all those great things he ran on, Trump sounds like Liddle Marco.
Read the rest from Ann Coulter HERE.

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