Saturday, April 14, 2018

Russian State TV Tells Viewers To Pack Essentials For WWIII

Stocktrek Images/Mark Stevenson/Getty Images
It's no surprise that U.S.-Russia relations are in the dumper. The mainstream media has been pushing the Russia-Trump collusion story for more than a year and Hillary Clinton is on a worldwide pity tour blaming Russian interference for her 2016 loss in the presidential election.
Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken to whacking enemies in places like London, and President Trump on Tuesday threatened Russia — an ally of Syria's Bashar Al-Assad, blamed for a recent chemical attack against rebels that left at least 40 dead — with missiles that are "nice and new and 'smart!'"
Now a Kremlin-owned TV station in Russia is warning people about the coming of World War Three, suggesting they pack a bomb shelter full of all the things they'll need when the rhetoric hits the fan.
Newscaster Alexey Kazakov said on Rossiya-24 that "it has become clear that events in this second Cold War develop a lot quicker. It's only just started and, here you go, we already have Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0," the U.K.'s Mirror reported. --->
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