Sunday, April 29, 2018

Refugee 'Caravan' Gathers On U.S.-Mexico Border; 'Jumpers' Face Jail

Nearly 400 refugees from Central America who have moved in a "caravan" through Mexico to the U.S. border have gathered in Tijuana, where many plan to seek asylum in America.
"Shelters in Tijuana's Zona Norte neighborhood, home to the many of the city's seedy bars and bordellos, were full. That forced organizers to look elsewhere for temporary housing, said Leonard Olsen of Pueblos Sin Fronteras, a group leading the effort," CNBC reports.
The caravan, which started out with 1,500 refugees from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador, has been moving through Mexico for the last month, sometimes walking, sometimes on buses and trains. Their movement has drawn a stern response from President Trump, who dispatched the National Guard to the border to prevent them from crossing.
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