Monday, April 2, 2018

Hypocritical House Republicans, you can take your balanced budget show vote and shove it

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Republicans just passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill. Now they want to take pretend votes.
If you’re a conservative voter who believes the federal government ought to spend within its means and pass balanced budgets, the Republican party is insulting your intelligence.
Fresh off of passing a 2,232-page monstrosity of an omnibus bill that spent $1.3 trillion, House Republicans now say they want to take up a balanced budget amendment (BBA) when they return from recess. For years now, fiscal conservatives have pushed adopting a BBA in the Constitution to rein in Congress’ appetite for deficit spending and force real cuts to end the growth of the national debt. The Republican Party, supposedly the party of fiscal conservatism, has paid lip-service to this amendment on the campaign trail for years.
But do not celebrate a vote on the balanced budget amendment in Congress. Do not be fooled by this sudden rediscovered love for fiscal conservatism. A House vote on the amendment would be nothing more than a show vote, meant to cover the butts of lawmakers who irresponsibly advanced the largest spending increase in American history despite full Republican control of the government.
As Congressman Thomas Massie, R-Ky., predicted in his recent interview with Conservative Review, Republicans in Congress are about to engage in a series of “pretend votes” to virtue-signal their conservatism ahead of the 2018 midterm elections without actually accomplishing anything.
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