Friday, April 13, 2018

GOP Voters: Reducing Immigration More Important than Paul Ryan’s Tax Cuts, Repealing Obamacare

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Republican voters say reducing overall immigration to the U.S. is more important than tax cuts or repealing and replacing Obamacare.
It is considered the most important issue facing the country, along with terrorism and national security, making it vastly more important than taxes and the national debt.
Alhough House Speaker Paul Ryan’s brand of Republicanism has focused largely on talking up the benefits of tax reform and cutting entitlements to reduce the national debt, GOP voters see immigration and national security — which is directly tied to immigration — as their biggest issues.
In a new Harvard-Harris poll, 42 percent of Republican voters said immigration was the most important issue facing the country. The same amount of Republicans said national security, too, is the most important issue.
Meanwhile, only 25 percent of Republican voters said the national debt was the biggest issue in the country, while only 12 percent of Republicans said the same of taxes.
Reducing immigration was a bigger priority for GOP voters than tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, getting the U.S. out of the Iran Deal, destroying ISIS, and expanding family leave.
Immigration is so important to Republicans that it even surpassed the economy and jobs as being the biggest issue.
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