Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Forget Facebook, Here's The Real Privacy Scandal

Data Breach: The same day lawmakers were grilling Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook's handling of private data, Congress heard testimony about a privacy scandal that is infinitely worse. Too bad everybody ignored the latter revelation.
In this case, the villain isn't a private company or a Trump campaign advisor, but the federal government, which has been Hoovering up oceans of highly sensitive financial data on hundreds of millions of Americans under the guise of "consumer protection" — without taking basic steps to protect it.
And, unlike with Facebook, nobody has volunteered to have the government collect this private data.
On Wednesday, Mick Mulvaney told Congress that the Consumer Financial Protection Board was hacked 240 times — that he knows of — and possibly another 800 times.
As a result, he said, "data got out that should not have got out."
Why does this matter?
Read the rest of this IBD editorial HERE.

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