Thursday, April 5, 2018

Democratic Activist: Keep Border Open Until Trump OKs Amnesty

File Photo: John Moore/Getty Images
Democrats should hold the border open for Central American migrants until President Donald Trump agrees to a national amnesty for illegals, says Sen. Chuck Schumer’s former top immigration aide.
The open borders plan came from Leon Fresco, an immigration activist now working in D.C. for foreign clients, including tens of thousands of Indian tech-workers. In 2013, Fresco was Schumer’s Democrats’ chief immigration lawyer as they wrote up the disastrous “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill which prompted the public to elect pro-American Donald Trump in 2016. Fresco Tweeted April 1:
Any admin changes for border surge will be blocked by Courts, and Congress will not enact a 1-sided solution on enforcement … Congress will not pass enforcement-only bill. Such efforts will be tried and will fail. At that point, CIR-type [Comprehensive Immigration Reform] bill possible.
Fresco made his claim after Trump used Twitter to slam the Mexican government for refusing to stop a march of 1,000-plus central America migrants towards Texas, and to slam the Democratic Party for refusing to close the legal loopholes — including “catch and release” — which allowed at least 400,000 Central Americans migrants into the United States during former President Barack Obama’s eight years in office.
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