Monday, April 30, 2018

Dear Pro-Aborts, I Assume You Won't Mind If I Stomp On These Endangered Sea Turtle Eggs

If you are an abortion apologist, you probably have claimed many times that an unborn baby is just a “potential person,” not a real person. While in the womb he is merely a “clump of cells,” or some other demeaning phrase that better describes the average Walmart shopper than the average unborn baby. He will soon become a real person, full of worth and dignity and beauty, but for now he is nothing but potential, and that potential has no worth or dignity whatsoever. It can be slaughtered like a pig and tossed in the garbage like used diapers.
This is a very, very stupid argument. And I'd like to explain why.
I will not waste much time pointing out that the “fetus” is indeed a real person. Scientifically, there is no such thing as a potential person. There are only people and non-people. A sperm has the potential to become a person, but it is not itself a potential person. A sperm left on its own, in its natural environment, will never be anything but a sperm. It must combine with an egg to become something else entirely. Once conception occurs, a genetically distinct human organism has now come into being. Nothing else needs to be added to it. If left to its own devices, it will grow and develop all of the physical features of a human being, and this process of growth and development will continue after birth and beyond. Yes, the unborn child is dependent on his mother's body, but that does not make him less a person. A born baby is also dependent on his mother's body, yet he is a person. You are dependent on air and food and water, and maybe even still on your parents, yet you are a person.
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Anonymous said...

You'll have a hard time explaining to your girlfriend and daughters that they're like a turtle for you.
Btw, please go ahead and destroy those eggs. We're americans, and we kill and destroy at will. And yes, girls kill babys, while trump grab their pussy. You're being too sensitive man.