Tuesday, April 10, 2018

By Handing Out Driver's Licenses, Far-Left California Invites Illegals To Stay — And Taxpayers To Pay

Illegal Immigration: 1,001,000. It's a big number, especially since it represents the number of so-called undocumented immigrants who now have driver's licenses in California, according to the state's Department of Motor Vehicles. Welcome to the Golden State's special brand of lunacy.
Providing documents to "undocumented immigrants," of course, merely makes them "immigrants." That's the intent, we suppose, of a law that makes it not only legal but easy to remain in California, even if you commit felonies once you are here. All they have to do, thanks to that 2013 law, is "prove their identity and residence within the state," according to the Sacramento Bee.
What could possibly go wrong? Plenty, of course. A driver's license let's you drive, even if you have no insurance or real training. It also presents a doorway for illegals to enter the welfare system, and to vote. Even though they're not citizens. Citizen-lite.
This is part of California's lapse into a kind of lawlessness unseen since the days when southern states bucked federal anti-Jim Crow and voting rights laws. By declaring itself a "sanctuary state" and handing out goodies like welfare and driver's licenses, the state has made a mockery of our national immigration system and controls — and made it necessary for President Trump to deploy National Guard troops at the nation's border with Mexico.
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