Saturday, March 31, 2018

Yes, Gun Control Advocates Do Want To Take Away Your Guns — Just Ask John Paul Stevens

Bill of Rights: In a New York Times op-ed, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens flat out calls for repealing the 2nd Amendment. While his reasoning makes one wonder how he got on the Court in the first place, he does expose the true agenda of gun control advocates.
Stevens begins by praising the "civic engagement" of the youthful protesters, and says Congress should respond by passing a ban on semi-automatic weapons — a ban that was completely ineffective when it was in place for a decade in the 1990s. He wants to raise the age to buy a gun to 21 and establish tougher background checks.
former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens
That's exactly what all gun control advocates say they want. Their refrain is constant: We respect people's right to own guns, we just want prudent restrictions that will protect the children.
But then Stevens goes on to say that "demonstrators should seek more effective and lasting reform."
And what does he mean by that? "They should demand a repeal of the 2nd Amendment."
Read the rest of this IBD editorial HERE.

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