Saturday, March 3, 2018

Trump’s Sudden Love of Gun Control Isn’t That Sudden

President Trump meets with members of Congress
 at the White House, February 28, 2018. 
(Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)
Hello, March. I guess we know it’s coming in like a lion. Making the click-through worthwhile: a volcanic rant about the president’s statements at the White House meeting with lawmakers on gun violence and some cheerful economic news to balance it out.
For at Least a Day, Trump Suddenly Decides He Loves Gun Control
My memories of the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville, Ky., in May 2016 were mostly happy ones, and not merely because it was held in Bourbon Wonderland. But I do remember sitting with Charlie Cooke in a mix of mild surprise and bemusement as the organization enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump, earlier than it had ever endorsed a presidential candidate before.
Sure, the NRA didn’t have much choice. The Democratic nominee was Hillary Clinton, a gun-control advocate who had declared in a private meeting that “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment, and I am going to make that case time and time again,” and who was so shameless that she later claimed in a nationally televised debate that the D.C. handgun ban was aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of toddlers.
But Donald Trump, a Manhattan real-estate mogul who had traveled with his own personal security for years, had never really been a “gun guy.” He says he has a concealed carry permit (hard to get in New York state). In his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, he wrote, “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”
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