Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Stop Excusing Donald Trump’s Role in the Omnibus Disaster. He Deserves Blame, Too

The omnibus spending package passed by Congress and signed by Trump deserved to get flushed down a toilet. It goes against the entire idea of what makes for proper budgeting in Washington DC. Not that it matters. It’s been twenty years since Congress passed a budget where the president signed appropriations bills. The omnibus spending package is the new normal.
There’s no doubt that Congressional leaders, in particular, Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, deserve every ounce of criticism they’re getting for passing such a terrible spending bill. Plenty of stories have been written detailing all of the wasteful spending. People who thought Republicans might get back to some fiscal sanity once they controlled Congress and the White House are rightly ticked off.
What’s remarkable, however, is the corner of the universe occupied by meta Trump defenders. If they’re not the people, who have been with him since he went down that escalator, then they jumped aboard later on down the line. What’s more remarkable is their view that Trump does no wrong. No matter what it is.
They brag he “says what he means” but when he says something dumb, they respond, “That’s not what he meant!” If he gets anything done, it’s due to his ability to make things happen. When he fails, the defenders blame Congress or the media or other outside forces. The omnibus spending package is no different.
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Anonymous said...

There is no leadership at the top. NONE.

Nothing but scandal, corruption, chaos and stupidity. And apparently this idiocy has rubbed off on anyone remotely associated with Trump. Ryan, McConnell and everyone in congress.

Anyone who voted for Trump got exactly what they deserved. Trump flushed everything down the toilet. What did you expect. That's what many of you said you wanted.


cimbri said...

It appears various congressmen and senators asked Trump to sign the bill to avoid a messy fight in an election year, with shutdowns etc. It kind of makes sense; is it really good to go to war over maybe saving $50 billion of spending? He also did get a lot for the military and hopefully it won't be spent to start another war. I think a lot of conservatives sort of amped themselves up over nothing. I've been saying it since becoming an adult - you won't get structurally lower spending unless it's written into the Constitution. Go back to focusing on a Balanced Budget Amendment or some other kind of unbreakable constraint.