Monday, March 26, 2018

SCOTUS loves DACA: One-way federalism and the coming banana republic

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SCOTUS silence on Obama’s amnesty is really approval.
We are told by the political elites that the Supreme Court and even lower courts are superior to the other two branches of the federal government. Now the Supreme Court won’t even wield its supremacy over the lower courts within its own branch of government. This week, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the state of Arizona, effectively rubber-stamping the Ninth Circuit’s decision that Arizona must issue driver’s licenses to the illegal aliens amnestied by Obama’s lawless DACA program. The high court routinely turns a blind eye to utterly insane lower court opinions that violate law and settled precedent.
SCOTUS silence on Obama’s amnesty is really approval
In January, a San Francisco judge ruled that Obama’s amnesty, not immigration law, is the law of the land. Government attorneys knew the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals would take forever to render a predictable ruling, so they asked the Supreme Court to expedite the appeal. On February 26, the
At the time, I noted that this move was inexcusable given the gravity of the lower court ruling and the already-repudiated behavior of the appeals court in this very case. Nonetheless, some assumed this was just the Supreme Court being a stickler for the regular appeals process and that within a few months, the court would overturn the inevitable drivel from the Ninth Circuit.
This is where the Arizona driver’s license case comes in and shows the folly of at least six of the justices on the high court (it takes four to accept an appeal).
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