Sunday, March 25, 2018

Pointing Out that the Omnibus Bill Sucks Is Not “Whining”

Earlier today, a post appeared on this site with the title: Stop Whining About Trump Signing The Omnibus Bill. The author is under no illusions about this being a bad bill. But, he concludes, any other Republican would have signed it, and people who don’t like it should direct their ire exclusively at Congress:
So please continue railing on President Trump. I know he could have, should have, done more and those are all legit arguments.
Still, had a Republican-controlled Congress had the guts to send him a bill after a bruising fight in both chambers to actually reduce the deficit even further from FY 2016-2017 he would have signed that too.
Stop whining about the President.
Start yelling at the GOP in Congress.
I’d like to respectfully take issue with the author. In my view, those of us who are infuriated by this bill are within our rights to yell at all of them. Yell at Paul Ryan? Absolutely. Run him out of town on a rail. Yell at Mitch McConnell? Hell yes!
Why can’t we yell at Trump too?
Yes, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are at least equally to blame for this travesty as Trump, and probably more so. I have pointed that out before the bill was passed, and I would spend more time railing about that, except that literally everyone who reads this post already understands that.
But while most people also seem to understand that Trump shares blame, there is a diehard group out there who doesn’t — and that’s who I’m talking to here. This is a group that has reflexively supported everything Trump does for months now, and they have seemingly lost the ability to form a sentence that criticizes the man.
I’ll say what they’re unable to say. Trump is to blame as well. ---> 
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