Friday, March 16, 2018

‘For the children’: MS-13, DACA Amnesty, and School Safety

Michael Noble Jr. for The WAPO/Getty Images
American schoolchildren and taxpayers are the victims.
“MS-13 is ‘taking over the school,’ one teen warned before she was killed.”
That is the title of a Washington Post story from the weekend.
Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty has turned out to be a nightmare for American schools. At a time when we are encountering ubiquitous threats to school safety from our own troubled youth, even the Washington Post has now realized that DACA and the promise of “amnesty for children” have brought in some of the most violent “kids” from Latin America. Is it too much to ask that Republicans actually “do something” about the gratuitously imported danger of the Central American invasion, MS-13, rather than uphold sanctuary cities? Rather than grant even more amnesty? Is it too much to ask that they finally block the lower courts from unilaterally continuing a policy that has turned beautiful suburbs into MS-13 war zones?
Suffolk County, New York, was once a beautiful suburban and rural respite for New Yorkers looking to escape the tumultuous city that never sleeps. It is home to the famous Hamptons where many New York elites vacation. Yet thanks to Obama’s DACA and the subsequent surge of Central American youth across the border, Suffolk County is the new capital of MS-13 in America.
The Washington Post reports that with 27 MS-13-related murders in Suffolk County alone since the surge of unaccompanied “minors” following the promise of DACA amnesty, “Schools in areas racked by MS-13 violence are now struggling with a sobering question. What to do when the gang isn’t just in your community, but in your classrooms?” Nearly 5,000 of these UACs have been illegally settled in Suffolk County, and what was once a quiet and peaceful jurisdiction is now an MS-13 haven. Recently, the violence has spread into wealthy Nassau County to the west as well. A law that was designed to protect victims of child trafficking and treat them like refugees has now been used to inundate our schools with violent gang members who self-trafficked themselves over the border. They are not the victims; American schoolchildren and taxpayers are the victims.
Read the rest from Daniel Horowitz HERE.

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