Thursday, March 29, 2018

Could France's Islam Problem Happen Here?

Remember radical Islam or Islamism or Islamic terror or whatever you want to call it? In the welter of calamities (sometimes pseudo-calamities) that are occurring, or we are told are occurring, in this country on a daily basis, it seems to have been forgotten or ignored. This despite its civilizational implications. Even the near-defeat of ISIS as a state is met with a yawn. Nevertheless, it continues:
A gunman killed three people in southwestern France on Friday in a burst of violence that included hijacking a car, shooting at police officers and opening fire and taking hostages in a supermarket.
The gunman, who witnesses said claimed to be acting on behalf of the Islamic State, was later killed by police officers who stormed the market. An officer wounded after exchanging places with some hostages was “fighting against death” in the hospital on Friday night, President Emmanuel Macron said.
The attack rattled nerves in a country that has been hit hard by terrorism in recent years, and it underscored the threat posed by individuals inspired by terrorist propaganda but who act outside of any structured networks, making it difficult for intelligence services to monitor them.
“The level of the terrorist threat on our territory has not waned,” said François Molins, the Paris prosecutor, who handles terrorism investigations nationwide. “It is the result of radicalized individuals who are on our national territory.”
Monsieur Molins is undoubtedly correct, but the threat on their territory exists because French leadership lets it. You would think the horrific attacks at the Bataclan theatre, Charlie Hebdo offices and Hypercacher supermarket would have been sufficient, but no. Change has not occurred.
Read the rest from Roger L. Simon HERE.

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