Friday, March 23, 2018

Can California Legally Force Pro-Lifers To Point Pregnant Women To Abortion Centers?

The First Amendment includes the right not to speak, but the California law takes that right away by forcing pro-lifers to tell women about abortion centers.
When a 21-year old single, pregnant, drug user who we’ll call Julie found herself homeless and with nowhere to turn, her father’s suggestion to abort her preborn child made sense to her. Her father even scheduled an appointment for her with the abortionist. But Julie’s mother stepped in.
She knew a local organization called Mary’s Shelter that helped young women in these circumstances. After speaking with the volunteers there, Julie decided to keep her baby and move in to the shelter. She earned her G.E.D. before her baby was even born, got clean, and — as she puts it — found “a light at the end of the tunnel.” All while living with strangers who did not know her before she called them, but understood she needed help.
An organization with the motto “saving lives, two at a time,” did just that.
For years, pregnant women with nowhere else to turn have found a helping hand all across the country at facilities like Mary’s Shelter — sometimes called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs), Pregnancy Resources Centers (PRCs), or Maternity Homes. These facilities, some 2,500 or so across the country, all share the same overarching mission: to put pro-lifers’ money where their mouths are. These facilities demonstrate that pro-lifers care about the child and mother before birth and after.
The pro-choice movement fears these organizations because their existence undercuts the abortion hegemony pro-choicers seek. That is why one of the nation’s largest organization of PRCs, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), finds itself before the Supreme Court of the United States, preparing to argue its case to the nine justices of the High Court. NIFLA has challenged a California state law designed to coerce the pro-lifers at its facilities to tell pregnant women who ask for help where they can go to abort their preborn children. NIFLA will tell the justices that law violates the First Amendment rights of pro-lifers.
NIFLA is right. --->
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