Friday, February 2, 2018

The Best Part of Trump's SOTU You Probably Missed

Rather than a lecture from an agitated schoolmarm as we’ve enjoyed the previous eight years, this speech was about us.
I noticed something last night during President Trump’s State of the Union Address that was refreshing. It had nothing to do with policy, and probably went unnoticed by most political observers. But it was important for the future of our republic.
I noticed that the speech wasn’t about him.
From start to finish, the address focused on Americans meeting our problems collectively, and on America finding its appropriate place in the world. It wasn’t a lecture from an agitated schoolmarm as we’ve become accustomed to over the previous eight years. It wasn’t a ragged defense of personal policy objectives, foreign and domestic, as occurred the eight years preceding that. It was full of actual Americans, actual citizens who have suffered, persevered, overcome, and triumphed. If you really want to know the state of our union, that is a much better place to start than with a self-absorbed executive talking about himself.
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