Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Spend Baby, Spend!

Thank goodness we don't have to pretend about fiscal responsibility anymore.
Being a conservative has always meant caring about the deficit. Of course, that's always made it hard for us to win elections. The Democrats were always over there promising free stuff. Free healthcare, free education, free food, free wi-fi. And we were the Debbie Downers shouting out "Oh yeah? How are you gonna pay for that?"
But all that is over now.
Congress passed a bi-partisan budget agreement that a Republican president quickly signed that will add an additional trillion dollars to the deficit according to some estimates. There's $10 billion to invest in infrastructure, $2.9 billion for child care and $3 billion to combat opioid and substance abuse. And all of this after passing a massive tax decrease.
I've been waiting all weekend for the outrage to come, but I haven't seen it. Oh sure, that killjoy Rand Paul is complaining but who listens to him. He couldn't even get Ted Cruz to support him this time. Where are all the people who rose up in protest after Obama passed his trillion dollar "porkulus" package? Remember that? Matt Kibbe is declaring the Tea Party officially dead. "Under Trump, the Tea Party original agenda of freedom and fiscal responsibility has been replaced with a populist nationalism that doesn't particularly prize spending restraint. Many of the original Tea Partiers have been replaced with new activists animated by different issues, such as immigration walls and trade restrictions."
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