Friday, February 9, 2018

Right Launches Ad War Against Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

A group that once backed Donald Trump’s immigration policies will take the unusual step Wednesday of launching television ads accusing the president of breaking his campaign promise to crack down on immigration.
Other groups are sending email alerts to their supporters, some nearly daily, asking them to contact members of Congress to kill what they call Trump’s “amnesty” plan. And still others are blasting his proposal on Facebook and Twitter.
The common denominator, however, is a sense of betrayal by Trump’s compromise on immigration.
The president unveiled a plan that offers 1.8 million young immigrants a chance at citizenship, allow millions of immigrants to legally reside in the country through family reunification programs and fails to implement some popular secure enforcement measures.
That led activists that once supported his contentious immigration ideas began doing something they never imagined they would do: waging a campaign against him on his signature issue.
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