Thursday, February 22, 2018

GOP Senators Offer Wall Funding if Trump Kills Populist Immigration Reforms

Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Business-first Republicans Senators are pushing a plan to keep the 680,000 DACA illegals in the workforce — and simultaneously block President Donald Trump’s popular reforms of immigration law.
The plan would provide work-permits to at least 680,000 illegals but would also provide Trump with a $25 billion “Trust Fund” for construction of a border wall.
The proposal by South Dakota’s John Thune, Ohio’s Rob Portman, and Kansas’ Jerry Moran, likely has support from many business-first Republicans, especially GOP Senators in labor-intensive agricultural states. The proposal likely will be pushed into the 2018 budget debate as Trump’s deputies press for $1.6 billion in 2018 border-wall construction funds.
A statement from the Senators buried the economic payoff under Democratic-style praise for the 3 million blue-collar illegal-immigrant ‘”Dreamers”:
This commonsense legislation would fulfill several urgent short- and long-term needs, which include extending permanent protection to today’s Dreamers who are facing an uncertain future and finally taking a meaningful step toward enhancing border security, which is a priority for the president and a majority of us in Congress,” said Thune
“Our nation has long valued diversity – of thought, of ideas, of background – and we must continue to foster this American spirit,” said Moran. “Congress has a responsibility to develop a humanitarian plan that cares for the children who were brought to the United States by their parents through no choice of their own and at the same time protects our homeland.
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