Thursday, February 22, 2018

Florida Teacher of the Year on Gun Violence: Parents Need to ‘Step Up’ and Control Their Kids’ Behavior

A Florida middle school teacher who was named Teacher of the Year at her school said that parents need to “step up” and control their kids’ behavior.
Kelly Guthrie Raley, who was selected as Eustis Middle School’s Teacher of the Year 2017-2018 last month, wrote on Facebook Thursday in a now-viral post that as an educator, the lack of compassion and increase in violence she has noticed among students are caused by a “lack of parental support”:

“Parents, it’s time to step up!” Raley wrote, adding: --->
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instagonline said...

I kind of agree with her. I saw a post somewhere about suggesting schools have to get better security system, or about teaching the students protecting each others... Student is student, they are young, scared, how could they do that! Parents should care about their kids more and more. Enough is enough.
Thank you for sharing the post.

Anonymous said...

No duh. This has literally nothing to do with the shooting. This kid had problems, and there's ALWAYS going to be kids/people who don't have parental guidance or support, or anyone who cares about them. You have to make allowances for that and have a workable plan to keep kids safe at school!

And NO arming teachers is NOT the answer. For crying out loud.


39 stinking calls on this guy and law enforcement DID NOTHING? Their man at the school didn't even go in while children were being slaughtered. FBI did nothing. Child protective services did nothing.

We need to do everything we can to keep guns away from unstable people. PERIOD. And people need to do their jobs.