Wednesday, February 14, 2018

DACA or DACA-Plus?

Who is a ‘Dreamer,’ anyway?
Later today, the Senate will begin to debate immigration. There’s no actual bill on offer — Majority Leader McConnell will bring a shell bill to the floor, and then the amendments will begin. Whatever gets 60 votes will prevail. Perhaps for this week, at least, the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” won’t be a sarcastic joke.
One of the first and most important topics for debate should be the breadth of the proposed amnesty. Who should qualify? DACA only or DACA-plus? The range goes from the roughly 700,000 who now have DACA work permits (as in Bob Goodlatte’s bill in the House), to the 1.8 million suggested by the White House, to 3 million or more under other proposals.
I criticized the White House proposal when it was announced, arguing, among other things, that we should start by amnestying only the DACAs. Jason Lee Steorts here at NRO and Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic took issue with my piece and approved President Trump’s goal of expanding the amnesty to encompass more than 1 million additional illegals who either chose not to apply when they could have or were too young to have done so.
There are two separate issues in considering the scope of a DACA-plus amnesty: the “DACA” and the “plus.” The rationale for each is different. --->
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