Monday, February 26, 2018

DACA and Sanctuary Cities Fueling Gang and Opioid Crises

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“We need to do something.”
This mentality now being harnessed to promote an unconstitutional and unhelpful policy on guns is never harnessed to address the political problems that are fueling the gang and opioid crises in our country and are responsible for death and mayhem in every major community. The influx of young violent criminal aliens into this country since 2012 as a result of the amnesty even Trump is trying to codify, in conjunction with the sanctuary cities that coddle them, has fueled the gang and opioid crises in this country. Where is the sense of urgency in Congress to shut down the amnesty agenda and punish sanctuaries?
There is a body count of at least 25 people killed by MS-13 – DACA deaths – in Long Island alone. Then of course there is the body count of tens of thousands killed by heroin and fentanyl that we allow into our country through the open-borders agenda. Yet the media doesn’t like to discuss body counts when the solution is as simple as enforcing our own sovereignty. It’s a lot easier to discuss bump stocks and the NICS system that targets seniors with surrogates taking care of their finances.
The MS-13 crisis stemming from DACA
Let’s just say that the illegals who streamed over the border in the summer of 2014 with the promise of DACA amnesty were not only harmless children — not by a long shot. A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies found that the resurgence in MS-13 gang violence, especially in places like Montgomery County, Maryland, and Long Island, New York, are the result of the 300,000 Central Americans who have been illegally resettled in our communities since DACA, as well as the growth of sanctuary cities. --->
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