Sunday, January 21, 2018

White House: No Amnesty Deals for Illegals When Government of Lawful Americans is Shut Down

White House officials insisted there will be no negotiations on including DACA amnesty into the government funding resolution despite Senate Democrats’ shutdown of the government on Saturday.
“We will not negotiate over the status of people here unlawfully while Democrats shut down the government of the millions who are here lawfully,” a White House aide told Breitbart News on Saturday.
White House director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short and White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney confirmed the sentiment in a briefing with reporters at the White House.
Short said that while they were open to further discussions on a DACA deal, they did not want a deal attached to the continuing resolution to fund the government.
“[W]e’re not going to be held hostage and let our troops be held hostage over this,” he said. “When they reopen the government, we will continue the discussions.”
Read the rest from Charlie Spiering HERE.

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