Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Schizophrenic Media Flails as Trump’s Focus and Success Torpedo ‘Crazy’ Claims

AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta
Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House author Michael Wolff and his media allies must be regretting the timing of his book release, wishing now he had been able to get it out there a whole lot sooner. Three months ago, before the consequential and historic success of Trump’s first year came into vivid focus, Wolff’s conspiracy theory might have stuck to the wall.
Today, it gives off the unmistakably stale aroma of last season’s fake news.
If we are to believe Wolff, the Trump White House is a hive of toxic dysfunction and chaos, primarily due to the fact that President Trump is a mentally unstable, illiterate man-child with no impulse control, no sense of direction, no purpose (other than self-aggrandizement), and lacks the intellect required to grasp the policy he has no interest in.
The above is important because that is what Wolff wants to tell us, what he wants us to see; it is the existential message that wafts above all the sensationalist gossip. And by extension, the national media is using this book (written by an author who is not sure he told truth) to undermine Trump by questioning his mental health.
There is just one yuge problem with that message: it in no way corresponds with actual results, with the rubber we have already seen meet the road, to a little thing I like to call … reality.
A mentally unsound man-child overseeing an administration crippled by anarchy will not see a record number of his appellate judges confirmed, will not oversee the successful passage of the most important tax reform in 30 years, will not annihilate ISIS without adding a single boot on the ground.
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