Friday, January 12, 2018

Republicans Will Lose Congress And Trump Will Face Impeachment If The Border Wall Is Not Funded

Mexico border Shutterstock/glandryjr
Let it be known and clearly stated here without reservation: If Republicans again help pass an amnesty bill, no matter what legalistic or deceptive name it is given without first securing the border and building a wall where it is needed, enough Republican voters will stay home next November that the majority will be surrendered to the Democrats.
Following that devastating loss, the first order of business for new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in January 2019 in the 116th Congress will be an impeachment vote regarding President Donald J. Trump. The great hope for a return to the rule of law that was created when President Trump was elected will be gone.
As we began this new year in Congress, we have heard about discussions between House and Senate “leaders,” regarding the promises they made to certain House and Senate members that they will indeed get a vote to reinstate President Obama’s DACA amnesty.
The president said yesterday he trusts the Members of the House and Senate in the room with him at the time to create an appropriate DACA bill and he will “do” it. He knows most everyone in the room was not supportive of him, even a few weeks before his election. Yet he wants to work with them to the point he is trying to be extremely gracious. The problem is that a large number of people in the room with him can be trusted to do what they can to stab him in the back. Their goal would be to get him to sign something that would violate the promises made by the president to his voters who ushered in the breathtaking election of 2016.
Read the rest from Rep. Louie Cohmert HERE.

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Anonymous said...


Large majority of Republicans WANT Dreamers to have legal status. They also want illegals in general to have legal status.

Racist haters in the GOP are a shrinking minority.

If R's lose the house or senate (we can only hope), it will be entirely their own fault for sucking up to a racist imbecile. It will not be because they didn't fund some fictitious wall.


Anonymous said...

Martha sounds like a Democrat who likes to accuse others of racism that don't agree with her.

Base in GOP and Democrat Party want chain migration ended, and no amnesty. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A WALL.

Americans require our national sovereignty, and we require that WE make the decision who comes into America. We want a secure and healthful border, and amnesty would continue SURE FIRE lawlessness an fearsome health hazards to all Americans.

The is nothing KIND about admitting criminals into America who want to kill and maim Jews and Christians. We must obey the law. Anything less is insulting to voters who make the effort to choose their representatives who wrote those laws!!! Stop the criminals, illegal human smuggling and drug smuggling. SAY NO to amnesty of any sort. It is NOT kind.

Anonymous said...

What planet is Martha on? On earth the Republicans have 27 state trifectas, Democrats only 6. Republicans are the majority in the House and the Senate. Republicans elected THIS president who promised no amnesty and ending DACA day one. He owes THEM, not the fake Martha person.