Thursday, January 4, 2018

President Trump: Here’s How to Assure a Happy 2018

The reports are trickling onto the blogosphere. We should expect “full Trump” in 2018. Great to hear it. I have contended with left-leaning elements in Southern California who have routinely taunted me about one or two slip-ups throughout the year. “You guys are losing! You guys are losing.” Really? Republicans have 26 trifectas, including West Virginia, when the governor Jim Justice ran as a Democrat, then switched parties. On top of that, Republicans have 7 more governorships. In spite of the epic loss in Alabama, Republicans are facing a mixed bag of action and activism across the country in 2018.
On top of that, the list of Trump’s conservative victories cannot be understated. Regulatory rollbacks have ended up cutting 22 rules for every rule introduced. We have not seen that kind of government and cost-cutting in our lifetime. Energy production is continuing at full tilt, from the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, to the dismantling of Obama’s Clean Power Plant program, and now the tax reform package which opens up Northern Alaska to oil-drillings. These measures have been long in waiting.
The President took us out of one bad deal after another, including the TPP, the Paris Climate Accords, the UN Migration program, and NAFTA is on the chopping block. Congress should cut all funding for all the Agenda 21 nullities in blue states like California and New York.
Illegal immigration is down—way down, deportations have increased, and the border patrol is getting tough, now that the shackles have been taken off.
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