Sunday, January 14, 2018

Michael Wolff source: He printed a third-hand story I told him that I got from someone on a beach

There’s no proof that this is true, of course. It could be that Matt Labash’s acquaintance is BSing him about being one of Wolff’s sources. Or it could be that Wolff independently confirmed the story that Labash’s source told him.
But given the many years of criticism he’s received for dubious sourcing, it rings true. And I heard somewhere recently that if something rings true, it is true.
Twenty years ago, the now-defunct Brill’s Content took a hard look at Wolff’s book Burn Rate, a memoir of his time as a dot-com hustler, and charged that one of his characters was actually a composite of three people. Likewise, seven of Wolff’s main characters and six others who were either portrayed in or familiar with events in his book claimed he “invented or changed quotes,” and none remembered him taking notes on or taping their discussions…
Personally, I’ve enjoyed reading Wolff over the years. You can call him many things (see the preceding paragraph), but never dull. I do not know Wolff nor can I vouch for his credibility. Though I should add that a mutual acquaintance of ours, after spotting an anecdote he’d casually tossed off to Wolff turn up in Fire and Fury, reported this to me of Wolff’s seemingly slack methodology: “[He got it] from me, which I got from a woman on the beach in Florida, who heard it in a carpool line. Literally. I had no idea he was including it. That guy is a serious bullshit artist. Wow.”
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